Help me become a bomb-ass hip-hop dancer in New York City!
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Where do you find great hip-hop dance classes in NYC? I have never taken a dance class before. I am interested in private instruction or intimate classes (NOT a gym class...). I would like to learn as quickly as possible, in a structured way. I don't expect to go from 0-60 overnight, but I will put in some serious work. I tend to prefer methodical approaches to learning new skills with clear goals. I'm most interested in hearing about personal experiences and recommendations.
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Best answer: (In lieu of specifics) I can offer a slice of wisdom as a trained dancer from another fold. If you want to look like a bomb-ass hip-hop dancer, you can probably expect to experience two separate "lives" in your training.

There's an internal experience of movement; the sensation of dancing is awesome and should feel good. It might hurt, but it hurts good. When you feel like you look awkward you might be inclined to subjugate your internal experience for the sake of an external appearance. Don't. Live in your own body. "Looking good" should never be the point. Looking good is an awesome byproduct of knowing your body and what you can do with it; it'll happen. (Trust!) Don't end-game, however tempting it may be. (I am sure you will be pressured to end-game.)

The external experience might be characterized as dancing for a mirror. It'll take a while to look good and feel good at the same time. Stick to your guns and always work inside out. Don't waste time on imitation. It's better for you to feel what you're doing. Build solid technique & practice habits. Hone basic coordination before flailing around with advanced coordination. Relish the sweat but play safe. And study the nuance of performance quality of experts and the particular way your favorite moves are performed (execution rather than task.)

I can't say enough about how great dance is for you. Work it; love it. It's a lifelong experience.
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