Help me name/make my playlist!
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I'm putting together a new playlist and so far have added Drake's Hold on, We're Going Home and Lady Gaga's Do What U Want. I need help coming up with a better name than "That SOUND" and finding more songs to fill it.

I'm looking for more songs with that slow, steady driving beat and that low, moody base line. I like the synths and production in the Gaga song a bit more than the more stripped down Drake song, but they're both good. What would you call this playlist? And what other songs would help to fill it out?
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I would call it "Clap Yo Hands" since it has that clap-sounding drumbeat.
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These songs always remind me of a logo written in drippy pink paint with airbrush water drops all over the place and like a purple lightning bolt at night reflecting on a wet paved street or the hood of an '80s Ferrari Testarossa or Lamborghini Countach. They also make me think of the equivalent of "training montages" in some '80s movies that aren't martial arts movies: e.g. the dancer who also works as a bartender training in the abandoned factory, the underground arm wrestler tossing tractor tires down an alley filled with broken toilets and rusty lengths of chainlink fence. Maybe two cops who aren't afraid to break the rules making preparations to bust the drug dealer that kidnapped the one cop's brother. Some skateboarders practicing for the big contest by skating at night in a parking structure.

So I'd call the mix something along those lines. Personally, I generally refer to these types of songs as "purple lightning Testarossa music" for short.

If you are looking for more songs like this, have you ever heard like Kavinsky or The Drive Soundtrack? Kavinsky, in particular, I think is barking up exactly that '80s movie tree. I feel like one of his mixtapes or something even has a Testarossa on it.

[On edit: Whoa, this one has a Testarossa AND a lightning bolt!]
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