Can you recommend a food tour in NYC?
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I'm sure my Manhattan (West Village) based niece would adore a food tour as a gift, but I'm overwhelmed with the choices and don't know New York very well. She has traveled much of the world and is an adventurous eater as well. Single, thirty-something, is relatively new to NYC. If you have either specific food tours or operators to recommend, I would very much like to hear. Thanks!
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Scott's Pizza Tours is fantastic. I recommend the multi-borough option if available. NB: most of the people on my tour were locals.
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Oh man I have heard so many good things about Famous Fat Dave, a former cabbie who takes you and your friends around on his Wheels of Steel. If she invites a friend or two to go with, he has a bunch of different kinds of tours to choose from and hits some crazy spots around the boroughs. I'm jealous!
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Big Onion Has A Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour.
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Murray's cheese shop, a West village institution, has a number of exotic cheese/meat of the month clubs.

When in doubt I get foodies exotic salt, like pink salt, it never goes bad and its hard to justify buying it yourself if you only use it twice a year.
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Joe DiStefano, who has one of my favorite food blogs, leads tours in Queens. I've never done one, but I bet they're great.
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We did the Famous Fat Dave tour and it was really fun. We covered lots of territory but it didn't feel like we spent too much time driving, and he was great about giving us choices for where to go next. Just a really fun way to spend the afternoon. The only problem was we ate so much that we never really recovered for the rest of the trip and didn't get to eat at some of the other places we were really looking forward to.
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How about this Flushing food tour? I've never been on a food tour myself, but the guy runs a legit food blog, and you can try food in Flushing you can't get anywhere else in the five boroughs. It's the best place in NYC to eat Chinese (of lots of different regions) food and Korean food. Looks like he also does Jackson Heights and Elmhurst food tours for Himalayan and Southeast Asian food respectively.

Alternately, I would be willing to personally conduct a Flushing food tour at cost of food (for myself and whoever goes on it). I go to Flushing almost every weekend to eat and buy groceries, know lots of the restaurants there, and I speak Mandarin, but I've never once conducted a food tour. Memail me if you're interested.
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Murray's Cheese also has a bar a few doors down from the main cheese shop. They have an awesome menu of cheese-based items, and you can also order flights of cheese that are delicious and fun. Gift certificate there would be lovely!
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Seconding Scott's Pizza Tours! He's taught a few classes at my shop and is beyond incredible.
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Noshwalks is the best!
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I've heard really good things about the one the Tenement Museum offers - Foods of the Lower East Side. (scroll down for it). You walk through the neighborhood tasting things from historic businesses that are still open, and learn a ton about early immigrant NYC along the way. I really heard some high praises about this one and am dying to do it myself.

I've given Murray's Cheese classes as a gift. They also get raves.
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Thirding Scott's Pizza Tours.
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Food cart tour. Midnight Queens tour.
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