Buy or watch old episodes of Nature?
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Is there somewhere I can buy old episodes of Nature, like from 1998? It seems like you can only find recent episodes online, from 2008 at the earliest. Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Even transcripts would be helpful.

I'm looking for an old episode of Nature called Gremlins: Faces in the Forest, about marmoset monkeys. It's from 1998, and I can't seem to find it anywhere for any price.

We watched it in class, but I don't want to ask my professors to borrow it.

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Looks like several libraries have that on VHS - there's a fair chance that the copy your professor showed came from your college/uni's library, so you might want to check the library catalog. (As a former librarian at a university who has spent some time trying to track down old VHSs of PBS shows for professors, I'm taking it at face value that you really can't find it to buy!)

However! I would just ask your professor. Professors generally love it when you show interest in stuff they showed in class!
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I was ill and had to miss class today, so I just emailed my professors explaining the situation and asking if they knew where I could get it. If worst comes to worst, I hope I can pay a friend to get it for me from one of those libraries!
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Yes, your professor will certainly know where to get a copy and will almost certainly be happy to help you get it. And there's a very good chance that your university library system has it, or perhaps it's in the departmental library for that professor's department or in their private collection. Either way they'll probably be happy to help you out.
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