What is the best method / materials to use when making hand prints?
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Salt dough isn't good for the very long term when it comes to durability, so I need suggestions. I don't have access to a kiln, but anything else is fair game. This is for keepsake handprints for a baby and preschooler.
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The one I have of my own hand at age 3 is made from plaster of paris. Also not super durable, but stronger than dough, and it has lasted over 30 years.

For a sturdier object there are Garden Stone kits.
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There are modeling clays that can be baked in a normal kitchen oven. One example is Sculpey.
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Sculpey clay. To use it you'll need to warm it up by rolling it in your hands for 20-30 minutes. Otherwise it's a hard lump. Bake as directed.
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The best material is concrete!
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Paperclay is lightweight, durable, easy to paint. Highly recommended.
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I'd definitely try Sculpey or Fimo (both are called Polymer Clay).
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I am not sure how well you'd be able to get a baby to make a handprint in sculpey - it's probably too thick for a small hand to make much of an impression in. Most art supply places sell life casting kits that would do a great job
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Be careful with concrete: it can easily cause chemical burns if not washed off immediately.
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This type of kit works great. It's very simple and baby friendly.

What you might also consider is that if there is a paint-your-own pottery/ceramics near you, they often sell unglazed plain wall tiles. We have several tiles from the first few years of our kids life and they are precious. The studio had done this before and the paints clean up pretty well.
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