What was this pillow?
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The last time I was in Canada, I slept on a magical pillow. I suffer from a dicky neck and this pillow was the most comfortable I've ever slept on. Unfortunately the owners of this pillow are away from home at the moment and can't tell me specifically what brand it was. This is where you come in Metafilter!


- It was a bought at a Homesense in Edmonton maybe a year ago
- It was not thought to be very expensive
- It was a wave contour-type pillow with one high and one low end.
- It was lightweight and squidgy- not the heavy, stiff texture I associate with memory foam.
- It had a white cover made out of a thin terry-clothish fabric.

What was this pillow?

If it's not available in the UK first I will cry and then I will pay ridiculous sums to have one shipped here. Alternative recommendations of pillows buyable in the UK that are good for trick necks will be entertained in this question, although I have tried pretty much everything.
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I have a Tempurpedic pillow that fits your description down to the terry-clothish fabric cover. I also have a no-name memory foam pillow that is quite a bit lighter but similar in every other way to my original Tempurpedic. That came free when I bought a memory foam mattress on Overstock.com.
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I have basically something like this. It's not super lightweight but it's definitely more on the squidgy side than the stuff side. Do an image search for this and see if you recognize anything. It looks like some of them have centers made of different stuff.
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I recently got a pillow that fits your description from Ikea. It was $15 (US). I looooove it and never thought I would like a foam pillow or one with an odd shape!
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Yup, my Tempurpedic one is like that. My one from Ikea was much heavier (and terrible).
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I have one that sounds like what you are looking for, brand name is Sleep Innovations. I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond in the US several years ago. It's light, very comfy and has held up well. Don't know if you can get it in the UK but it might be another option to search on if you can't find the Temperpedic.
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