What anecdote has a staff adding an intentional mistake to fixate boss?
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I can't remember this anecdote for the life of me. But the jist was, a very picky director / designer / CEO's people would plant an intentional piece of ugliness (something off center, something ugly) into a project, or design, or film, to fixate him, so he wouldn't tear apart any other parts of the design.

It might be Steve Jobs or someone similar. Or it might be a famous director (Kubrick? Lucas?).

Bonus if there's a name for this practice, or the phenomenon of a major problem masking minor ones, or other examples.
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Best answer: It's a duck.
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Best answer: Or a hairy arm.
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jobseekers do the same thing on their resumes. it was last july (just googled) that i was bored and clicked on that epic clickbaiter businessinsider.com's "most ridiculous resumes"...

at the end of his resume, one guy had volunteered that he had been a "hymen checker at an australian sheep farm." when queried about this at the interview, he said that it was his way of making sure potential employers had read the resume.
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A related phenomenon: the Censor Decoy.
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This was also done to pass scripts in Hollywood during the Hays Code era.
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Seconding hairy arm.
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nthing 'hairy arm' as the story I read.
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This may not exactly fit your parameters, but there is a parallel nonetheless: Classic Ways to Conquer Writer's Block. I remember hearing about the rotten apples employed by Friedrich von Schiller, your question reminded me of this....
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Oh yeah, we heard it as the orange doorknob.
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The hubs used to do this with his boss.
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We would call it the blue boat.
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The composers I know who work in t.v. production call this a "clam."
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In graphic design, I've heard that if a particular client always wanted a logo bigger, they would purposely make the logo 50% smaller than the designer actually wanted, so that when the client said they wanted it bigger, they would actually get it to the size the designer originally wanted. Or something like that!
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