What to do with a square hole in a bedroom wall?
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Help me fill a hole in my life. The master bedroom in my new place has a square hole in the wall between the bedroom and the walk-in closet. The previous owners had a TV in there. What is something cool I could do with it?

The hole is approximately 15 by 17 inches and 5 inches deep and about a foot down from the ceiling. There is an electrical outlet right next to the hole on the walk-in closet side. We already have a TV in the room and it's too big for the hole. Any ideas welcomed. Cheap ideas welcomed even more.
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Really skinny aquarium?
posted by SashaPT at 7:06 AM on October 7, 2005

They got a TV in a 5 inch deep hole? TFT I assume!

Consider picture frames. Not necessarily the boring old type, but perhaps one of those ones which shows pictures digitally or something. Alternatively, nick-knacks and tchotchkes.. or sit small cuddly toys there.
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A nice in-set clock?
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Even if you aren't of a particularly religious bent, fill it with tons of religious kitsch like rosaries, Buddhas and Santisima Muerte candles.
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Lava lamps.

Find some way to hide the hole and put a safe there, maybe behind a really big painting.

Put a big nice rug on the wall and cover it up.
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Make a stained glass window for it. Kits can be gotten from craft stores. If you don't want to mess with actual glass, there are all sorts of paint-on kits that work quite well; you'd just cut a piece of plexiglass to fit, then apply a pattern. It's what we've done with our street-facing windows.
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Display case. Glass it on both sides (possibly use frosted glass on the closet side) and extend some shelves across. Put your knicknacks in there. As a bonus, it'll admit some natural light into the closet.

I like the fishtank idea, but that requires fish maintenance, and could get messy.
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Digital Picture Frame

Budget version: Cover it with a glass sheet. Tell people it's a high definition holographic closet monitor.
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I actually like MrMoonPie's idea about covering it with a stained glass window. Then if you can find a lamp/light fixture in the box that somehow works via remote control, you can light it up at night...
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Put a mirror in the back, 1-way glass on the front. Insert little lights around the edge. Presto, built-in 'infinity' light. There are fun ways to enhance this effect.
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If you are handy and ambitious then how about a combination of shelving and a waterfall? You could have some nice multicolored LEDs in there as well to create nice lighting and pretty, watery, refractions in the rest of the room. Shouldn't be to expensive if you are able to build it yourself (careful though, getting water into the walls would be bad).
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Lego diorama. Lots of minifig construction workers repairing the wall and framing.
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Elvis shrine.
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Tunnel for model trains, slot cars, Lego monorail, etc.
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Ant colony.
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Sex toy display case.
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Your first suggestion, from SashaPT, is not as far-fetched as it may seem: Check out the stuff at aQuatic Style. The sizes match your specs, and they are just beautiful!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the original ideas everyone. I'm especially intrigued by MrMoonPie's stained glass window idea.
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