I'm mad about the breadfruit.
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I am going to be in Oahu in December and January, and am keen to find: (A) breadfruit; and (B) breadfruit seeds (commercially packaged). Where are they to be found?

Last time I was in Oahu I found breadfruit being sold at a roadside fruit stall. I'm happy to scour similar roadside stalls, but it would be great if I knew of a more predictable place to buy them. Are there any garden shops that sell breadfruit seeds? I cannot overstate how much I love breadfruit, so I am happy to drive anywhere on island to find them!

Bonus question: where in Oahu might I find breadfruit-themed fabrics/ textiles/ quilts?
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There's a bunch of really nice weekly farmers markets on Oahu. Last year when we were there (we went to the Saturday one at KCC) there was an exotic fruit vendor who had breadfruit, of no locals have better ideas.

I'm not seeing something that looks like the vendor I remember on the vendor list, though.
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This a nice round up of ulu (breadfruit) news on the islands but the Breadfruit Institute itself is located on the Big Island as far as I know. Frankie's Nursery will sell seedlings/trees but not sure about seeds. I'm not certain if breadfruit has a season, but I have seen breadfruit at Foodland and Whole Foods before in addition to the farmers markets. This Yelp thread has some suggestions too.

Maybe ask Kuni Island Fabrics in Honolulu for ulu-print fabric? I don't remember if they have locally-themed prints or not.
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