What to do on New Years in New York City? 2013
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Mr. Slothhog and I will be in NYC for New Years Eve. We are going with 3 other lovely friends.The actual holiday is one of our group's actual 40th birthday. Interest has been expressed in attending a party... Please give us input about things that will make this visit amazing, especially the ringing in of the new year!
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I would highly recommend avoiding Times Square. It's crowded and stupid.

Instead, you should go to a busy, entertaining bar, or a restaurant.

Check out The Skint closer to New Year's Day, and you'll hear about all kinds of things.
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I've been to the Pratt steam whistles for the last two NYEs, thanks to EmpressCallipygos, and it's been my favorite. Gorgeous, beautiful, haunting, ceremonial, communal, familial.
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Get a look at the Nonsense or Gemini/Scorpio lists for that week. They will have all kinds of odd, underground, wacky parties and events. I'm sure a few of the NYC crew gets them, and can forward them to you.

edit: Gogol Bordello at Terminal 5 is happening, according to my SO.
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2nding steam whistles--amazing, best NYE plans in my 27 years as a New Yorker.
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I second sticherbeast in that Times Square is incredibly crowded and it will take you hours to leave. However if I were a tourist (I live here) I might want to do it anyway just to cross it off my list. So it depends what you want.

If you have a nice chunk of disposable income you can rent a small yacht on the NYC harbor and watch all the fireworks, etc from there. We did that for the 4th of July and it was pretty cool. I thought being right below the fireworks would blow my ear drums, but funnily enough it was actually a lot quieter because the sound would travel to land and bounce off the buildings. Turns out the reason fireworks sound so loud in the city is because of the buildings. No buildings on the water.

If you don't have the money to rent a small private boat then maybe going on a large yacht where lots of people are meeting up for New Years. The larger boats often host parties and there is a cover per person.
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