A car like a lightning bolt?
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Earlier this year, while I was in Germany, I noticed an unusual car. I've never seen anything like it, and my best description of it is that it looked like a lightning bolt. Any ideas what it might be?

So the car was white, with a sort of jagged line running down each side of the hood that reminded me of a lightning bolt. They weren't subtle, but very stylized. I looked for a hood ornament or some sort of symbol to indicate who made the car, but didn't see any. It looked new, or close to new.

It wasn't super-super low to the ground, only slightly so. And it didn't have a big trunk.

That is pretty much all I can remember. I don't know too much about cars, but I'm really curious as to what it was because it was so different.
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Could it have been an electric BMW ActiveE?
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Perhaps it was a BMW i8?
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Fiat Coupé?
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Response by poster: planetesimal, the lightning bolt bit went from the windshield down to almost the bottom edge of the hood, I think, on the top of the hood but nearly over to each side.

I don't think it's any of the cars named so far, but the BMW i8 is close. But the lines were sharper.
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Hmm, a sharper i8? How about some sort of Lamborghini?
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The Concept version of the i8, a number of which were built for demonstration and display, is much more angular than the production version (on sale next year).
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Was the lightning bolt painted on, or was the hood shaped in a way that made you think of a lighting bolt? Was it a new car, a vintage car, something in between? Do you have an impression that it was a sports car, a sedan...?
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Opel Ampera?
Or possibly a road going version of this Citroen concept car?

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Well, there are certainly German electric vehicles, although most of the consumer ones have the boxy look of a Smart car.

The only cars I could find that themselves would seem to suggest "look like a lightning bolt" (rather than a lightning-styled paint job or applique) would be the i8 concept, or perhaps the Honda EV-ster concept -- or perhaps the Infiniti Emerg-e.

Then again, there is the UK-based specialty car maker actually called the Lightning Car Company, which is planning its own hybrid, the Lightning GT. Or getting farther afield maybe you saw a prototype A-Class Roadster?
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