Anyone done the Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course?
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Looking for the cheapest online option and any words of wisdom from someone who has gone through the course.

Got my first ticket for pausing at a stop sign. Doing full stops now. I received a letter from the state of Michigan stating that I qualify for Michigan's Basic Driver Improvement Course. Course can be taken online. Fee is not to exceed $100. If I successfully complete the course, points will not be placed on my record and will not be disclosed to insurance companies.

I found one from the list of providers that is an online course for $59.95.

Has anyone taken this course online? Without going through each link is there a way to know which is the cheapest online course?

Am I crazy for doing this? My guess is a $60 fee now will save me insurance fees later on when/if my 2 points get reported. Michigan insurance is pretty expensive compared to other states and it's likely I'll be moving to a different state within the next 16 months so I fear the points would follow me and increase my insurance rates. I'm 32/f if that is relevant.
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I have no experience with the Michigan course, but I just finished a similar online course in California (no right turn on red: They were reeling us in like spawning salmon that day). Similar pricing, same kind of "list of approved providers", too.

I don't think you're crazy. I was thinking of calling my insurance agent anonymously and asking them if it would make any difference for my auto insurance, but thought better of it almost immediately. I am older/M if that is relevant :-)

It was a pretty low-quality course, with a chatty approach and a significant amount of outdated and frankly inappropriate material (from both Class A and B licenses). I was able to save the web pages for the lessons as I took them, and toward the end (I did it in one 4 hour sitting) I referred to the pages I had saved so that I could answer some of the more inane questions on chapter tests and the final test.

It didn't really help to have the Driver's Handbook webpage from the California DMV open on another screen, except to puzzle out the real meaning of some of the most poorly written paragraphs from the course.
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