How do I spend more time with my girlfriend?
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My girlfriend is amazing, and I just want to spend all day with her. All. day. all. the. time. The problem is, we are in an industry that is incredibly stressful and demanding and low-paying, although relatively mobile (I can work from basically where ever I want). I am perfectly happy just sitting by her and we both do work, but then I get distracted. What are some ways to spend more time with her?
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You want to spend more time with her but not be distracted by her? I'm confused. Quality time is being focused on each other.

The only way I could think of spending time but not being distracted by their physical presence is to have a photo, or IM window open while working. Or schedule in 10 minutes of quality time for every hour of work.
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Board games, card games and Minecraft are all activities that my boyfriend and I enjoy together. I'm like you in that no matter what we're doing, so long as we're together I'll be happy, but I think these activities are nice because they can show you a slightly different side of your partner than you'd ordinarily see. My sweet, patient boyfriend turns out to be devious and uncompromising at anything competitive, for example - it just makes it sweeter whenever I beat him. :)

Do you cook together, and come up with recipes to make together? Planning things to do is good because it adds anticipation ahead of the actual time together.

None of these are things that have to be expensive, which is also a bonus.
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My SO and I work opposite schedules, so we have to make sure we make good use of our time together. Here's my best tips:

- keep off your mobile and computer, even if what you're doing is just watching TV, eating a quick meal together. fully engage in each other's company

- have a little list of stuff you want to do together, so that when you stumble upon some free time you both have, you can seize it and do something fun rather than laze around or get sucked into the internet. eg, go to this exhibition, cycle to that park.

- relish doing things for each other as a way of spending your time together, eg foot massage, cooking a meal
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ROAD TRIP. Even if it's just a Saturday and/or Sunday (or even half a day). Long hours together in a car, some tunes…this by itself can be more impactful than whatever destination you choose.
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My husband and I both work from home, so technically we spend all our time "together." But you can't underestimate the importance of quality time. We make regular TV dates together to watch our favorite shows and cuddle on the sofa and go out to eat together on a regular basis. And every once in awhile, while we're doing chores--cooking or washing dishes--we'll hang out together and chat.
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My boyfriend and I spend most of our time together - the only time we are apart is work. Here's what we do to stay focused on each other:

-he makes me tea every morning while I shower. We eat breakfast together and talk about what we need to accomplish that day.

-we text 2-3 times a day (funny stuff we hear, share links to something interesting, quick note to say thank you for breakfast, etc.)

-we take a walk together every night and talk about our day, plans for the future, etc.

-we watch 2 shows together each week, aside from that the tv is off. I read and we works on his camping gear. Whenever we are on the couch there is physical contact (even if it's just my foot on his lap).

-we turn off all electronics about 30 mins before bed and just snuggle (or massage or tell stories, etc.).

On weekends we take long bike rides and have picnics in the park. Is this the kind of stuff you're looking for?
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