I somehow got red wine on this rented tuxedo. Help?
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On Friday, I rented my first-ever tuxedo for a black-tie wedding. On Saturday, I went to said wedding. On Sunday, I noticed that there's somehow red wine stains on the tuxedo shirt, despite not drinking red wine and not having stains on any other part of the tuxedo. On Monday, I'm supposed to return the tuxedo. Help?

I must have *somehow* gotten red wine stains on this shirt - how, I have no idea - but it must have happened. Having never rented a tuxedo before, however, I'm not quite sure what one does now. Try to clean it myself? Return as is? I didn't notice until Sunday (today), and the wedding was last night - the return of the tuxedo is supposed to be Monday, between noon and 6pm, though I think I can return it a day late for a $20 surcharge.

What does one do here?
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Wine Away works surprisingly well, if you decide to try to clean it.
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Try shaving cream.
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Don't try to clean it yourself. If they charge you extra for stain removal, you still come out ahead of where you'd be if you completely ruin the shirt trying to clean it. Read your rental contract and see what the fees are for cleaning, stain removal and replacement, if you're curious, but you have very little to gain from trying to launder a stain to the point where it's unnoticeable to the tuxedo rental place.
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I am fairly certain they don't want you to try to clean it (because of drycleaning/pressing routines they use for their rental clothes), but you should point it out to them when you turn it in.

It is very unlikely they'll charge you anything for it, but if they did it probably wouldn't be more than $20. It's a rented tuxedo shirt - every single one of them comes back with sweat in the pits and ring around the collar and lipstick and makeup and booze on them. Probably more than a few come back bloody. It's fine. You won't be arrested or anything. (Unless it's really bloody, and then you may have some 'splainin' to do.)
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I'm just guessing here, but that might be considered normal wear & tear.

Men's Wearhouse, a big name in the tux rental business, says this on their website: "For an individual rental we require a minimum deposit of $20 at the time you book your order. For weddings and other group rentals, we require a minimum deposit of $40 for the group. Additionally, each member of the group is required to pay the individual deposit of $20. For each tuxedo rented there is non-refundable damage fee of $7."

Stains happen, and the shirt has to get cleaned anyway.
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Red wine is like the tee-ball of stains on a rental tuxedo shirt, and your rental shop is used to the MLB All-Star-Game level of stains. Return it as is and let them bill you a charge if they must, but be surprised if they actually do.
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Shirt != tuxedo. You will pay far, far less (if anything) for them to clean it than your time and effort is worth.
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The arguments for not cleaning it are probably correct, but I'll go ahead and offer this:

Mix equal parts of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide in a small cup of bowl. Dab on with a q-tip. Wine stains come right out.
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I would Wine Away it. I would not try anything else.
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Return it as-is. I am sure they're QUITE familiar with wine stains on a shirt.

At my cousin's wedding the server dribbled red wine on the sleeve of the gentleman sitting next to me. I handed him my Tide Pen and hey-presto! The stain disappeared. So, even in my itty-bitty evening bag, I carry my Tide Pen.
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