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I'm starting to look at watches, and I think I'd like something sleek and digital. Something that looks like a FitBit, perhaps (I hear the FitBits don't always display the time, which is why I'm ruling it out). Please point me toward sleek digital watches!
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Best answer: I think Nixon has pretty cool watches, and this one resembles a slightly chunkier version of the fitbit.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if Pebble is sleek enough for you, but it's kinda cool and all kinds of digital.
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Sounds like you want a Mutewatch although the Illumi is cool and comes in a sleek version. The Storm Circuit is also sleek.

For hipster cool, try a watch that spells out the time.

If you want wacky or unusual, Watchismo is a good hunting ground.
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Tokyoflash has really neat digital watches, some of which are even easy to read.
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The new FitBit Force does display the time.

He said bitterly, as he had just bought the Flex, which does not display the time...
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Uhm, oops, sorry -- failed to click on your link first.

Still bitter, though
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Lots of fun ideas.
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