FX show Archer: What hairstyle does Pam have?
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On the animated show Archer, Pam Poovey has her hair up in some kind of pseudo-bun apparatus (possibly a french twist?). What is her hairstyle and where can I find instructions for recreating it?

The Archer wiki has some front and back shots of the hairstyle for reference.
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IMO Sock Bun
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Best answer: It looks like a combination sock bun with a French twist.

This is what I'd do if I had to do this: first, I'd hope that I have some long-ass hair and. If length/thickness is an issue I'd hope I had enough time to score an el cheapo synthetic ponytail extension from eBay.

I'd blow dry my hair upside down with a ton of mousse to give it some guts. Then i'd do a deep side part a la Pam, and gather my hair into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck. Then I'd twist it up, almost as if I was going to twist it into a bun, but just keep directing the hair upwards. It'll form a French twist with a ponytail sticking out the top (I'll take a photo of what I mean if needed). Leaving the ponytail loose, I'd pin that French twist in place with ALL the bobby pins.

If you have a ponytail extension I'd add that to the ponytail sticking out the top of your French twist. Then I'd take a hair donut - sometimes called a 'chignon', basically a foam donut you buy from a beauty supply, and make the bun however you see fit. YouTube 'sock bun' to find all the techniques.

Then hairspray, hairspray, HAIRSPRAY, ALL THE HAIRSPRAY.
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Best answer: Youtube is rife with hair tutorials. Searching for "large high bun" netted me this, which is kind of a sockless sock bun, as well as results for lots of other different hair types. Depending on the hair you've got to work with you might be able to do something like that, but starting with a side part and sectioning your bangs off before making the bun, and perhaps taking a few smaller sections from the underneath of your hair and twisting them slightly as you create your starter pony tail to give it that curvy texture Pam appears to have around the back of her head. This requires tons of hair, and you would probably want to set it in large waves, first. If you think you have the length for the bun but not the bangs, you can find clip-in bangs that might work depending on your hair color and texture.

If this is for a costume and you're a costume-making type, I think it's a perfect excuse to get a giant long wavy blonde wig. They are very versatile in terms of the different characters they work for, from Sailor Moon to most pop starlets and sundry fairytale characters and even Thor. It's so much easier to make the back of your head look right when you're working on it from the right angle!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help! Due to time constraints, we didn't have time to get a proper wig with the length to do the full bun. With that said, I think the results are pretty good.
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