How can I find direct MTA numbers? [NYC-filter]
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Despite the MTA's new "helpful" consolidation of all numbers into 511, I've found it's actually much more helpful, and fast, to dial the numbers directly - especially because disconnects mean going through the whole list again. However, when I updated my phone, I lost all the direct numbers to the bus depots and such. Where can I get them back?

I've tried, of course, calling 511, but they insist that direct numbers are "not for the public." However, I feel like this information has to be publicly available somewhere, or compiled by someone. Where can I find it, or what should be my starting point?
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If you use the internet wayback machine, you can find webpages for going back many years. I randomly picked one for Jan 2010 and found a Contact Us page list of contact phone numbers for many specific sites. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, or if so, which date would give the best numbers before the switch to 511.

Also, is there any chance that if you power up your old phone those numbers might still be in the address book?
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I haven't used one in years but was this info in the Green Book which they still print and sell at the city store. Even in the Internet era, there was info in there that was useful.
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