Help my partner find this SF story!
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So I told my partner you guys were amazing at locating obscure SF stories. Can you help him find this one? About 1970-72 I read an SF anthology with a story I've lately been trying to find on the Google with no luck. Said story involved a protagonist asked by friends to accompany them on a night out playing a game/sport he'd never heard of called, if I remember right, "torming." He said yes though he was too embarrassed to admit he'd never heard of it. It turned out to involve (avoiding potential spoilers here) tech well beyond the 1970s. Ring any bells? Googling "torming" is less than helpful. I may have misremembered the sport's name. Thanks!
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Best answer: If this is correct, it seems to be "An Uneven Evening" by Steven Herbst, published in Best SF: 1971, ed. Harry Harrison and Brian Wilson Aldiss.
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("An Uneven Evening" appears to have been originally published in Clarion June 1971, later anthologized in Future Pastimes, ed. Scott Edelstein.)
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Another vote for "An Uneven Evening."
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Response by poster: Got it in one! Thanks!
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