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What are your favorite legal research apps that you use in your legal practice?

I'm looking for apps that are Texas-specific as well as general purpose legal research apps. I'm aware of FastCase and RealTek's Texas statutes app and those are along the lines I'm looking for. Any others?
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Best answer: Not Texas specific, but I use WestlawNext, HeinOnline, LawStack, and now SCOTUSBlog. I have a few other apps downloaded (like the Congressional Record) but I have never used them.
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WestlawNext is amazing. Not sure what they're apps are like (mobile access costs extra and we're cheap) but I'm sure they're excellent since the actual program is so great.

You may also check each online source for your local or municipal ordinances and see what mobile access is like -- might be easier than you think.
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legalbitstream for tax.
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Thirding WestlawNext.
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