Misbehaving fonts in Office 2011 Mac
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So the long and short of it is, I'm pretty sure that Meiryo UI is messed up or missing or something, and instead Office 2011 on my Mac has decided that it'd be totally cool to use Mart Futomaru Gothic instead for most Japanese text display, including all over Excel. Is there some way to reinstall just the font(s) or maybe clear the Office font cache?
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So, I'd start by opening up Font Book (just use Spotlight), finding Meiryo UI, and then clicking on File -> Validate Font. That'll give you a good indication if the font's corrupt or not.

If it's all good, it's probably Office's font cache. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2011/ and delete the Office Font Cache. Make sure all the Office apps are closed first. Hopefully the next time you launch one it should be okay.

If not, you might need to rebuild your OSX Font Cache. To do this, I'd recommend downloading Onyx for your version of OSX, then going into Cleaning -> Fonts, and ticking all appropriate boxes. Then hit execute and you should be good.
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Response by poster: The weird thing is that I only have Meiryo there and not Meiryo UI. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
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Response by poster: Like, what happens is that in the actual spreadsheet, it seems to display Meiryo just fine, but in the "formula" section up on top, the text shows up in completely the wrong font (I'm using Excel for translation work). It's very odd. Admittedly, I'm just working in Numbers and then copy-pasting the results into Excel, but it'd be good to know what's causing this bit of weirdness and how to fix it.
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