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It is the late eighties or early nineties and you are watching a late night movie on UHF. It features a "wanderer" type person with big religious/philosophical ideas, set in the modern US, and loopily incoherent/incompetent. Is this a trope, what are the examples? What are examples of seminal bad late night movies which aren't scifi/horror?
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Billy Jack?
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The 1979 adaption of Wise Blood.

Greaser's Palace is somewhat in the same mold, but is a Western, specifically an Acid Western.
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If you discount the "modern" requirement, and allow that the "incompetence" is found only in the way that he doesn't fit in with the natives, then I thought of the old TV show Kung Fu with David Carradine. Looking at TVTropes, they call that Walking the Earth, so you might find more examples there.
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