PS3 or PS4 couch-to-couch trivia games?
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My husband and I used to LOVE playing Buzz Quiz World on PS3 against random folks online. This was a few years ago before we had kids. Recently, we tried to resurrect the fun, only to find no one else playing online. Upon doing a little research, we see that they're shutting down the Buzz Quiz World servers completely! My question is this: Does anyone have an online multiplayer "couch-to-couch" quiz or trivia game they love? Does anyone even know of a single one that exists anymore? I just read through a comprehensive list of all games expected to come out on the PS4, and... NOTHING. Am I just an old, old lady? Buzz Quiz World was so much fun...
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You Don't Know Jack.

I dunno how many people are going to be playing a 2011 trivia game online anymore, but dammit they should be.
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Seconding You Don't Know Jack. It also has a really slick Facebook/iPhone/Android version that pits you against randoms asynchronously.
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Best answer: You Don't Know Jack is a great game. I still play Jeopardy! online on my Xbox360, although I am in the middle of a move right now and don't have it set up.

Jeopardy! is also available for the PS3. I really do love this game; on Hard Mode the questions are really quite challenging.
And yet it is also difficult finding online opponents nowadays, at least on the Xbox.
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Man I remember playing You Don't Know Jack on a PC with my parents in like 1998. That game was awesome.
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