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Help me find a Lana Kane dress for my Halloween costume? Snowflakes inside..

I'm dressing up like Lana for a Halloween party but I need help finding a cowl neck sweater dress that fits me and a belt with an oval.

- I'm a size 14
- Belt would prefer L or XL (love this belt but its too small)
- I don't want to spend more than $60 on the dress/$15 on the belt
- Would love if it came in one of the following colors since they are the colors she's worn on the show (but any bright color will do)
Pinkish off-white
Sky blue
Coral Red
Medium green
Mint green
Coal Grey
Mustard Yellow
Scarlet Red
Raspberry Red
- Finally must ship to Indianapolis before Halloween!
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This is by no means a sure thing, but I always see tons of sweater dresses at thrift stores. As you have lots of colors to choose from it may be worth a shot.
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Is this the right red? (I think she also wears black at least once, and it comes in black, but colors would be more fun.)
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Awesome belt.
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If there's a Dots or a Rainbows by you, I just saw some Lana dresses there for like 20 bucks.
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Handkerchief hem sweater dress from Macy's in color New Red Amore? ($52.99)

Wide elastic black belt at eBay? ($18.99)
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