Online multiple choice survey with customized email feedback/report
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I need to build a web-embedded, multiple choice survey that sends an email with text customized based on each respondent's answers. Some (limited) coding experience.

I am working with a client that needs an online customer assessment. Likely 8 to 12 multiple choice questions. The end result needs to be a customized email to the respondent with text/copy based on his or her answers. For example, the email would likely look like:

- Standard introductory paragraph.

- First custom paragraph based on the answer to question #1 (one of five possible versions)

- Second custom paragraph based on the answer to question #2 (one of five possible versions)

- Etc. through the final question

- Standard closing paragraph

I have searched on the web and AskMeFi but every resource I'm finding seems to focus on summarizing survey results, not customized response content.

The client is currently using a Wordpress site, if that helps. I have some coding knowledge and can usually slog through simple coding tasks. A third-party or app solution would be ideal, if one exists.

Huge thanks!
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We've used Wufoo to do some branching logic in a few forms. Nothing terribly extensive, but it might work for you:

For example, we have an intake form that sends one of two emails depending on how the client answers a few of the questions. I didn't set it up myself, just know that it's possible to do with their system. They also integrate nicely with wordpress.
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I'm not sure if it automatically emails participants, but you might look at Google Forms.
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Wufoo has turned out to be exactly what we needed for the short term. Excellent suggestion, beep-bop-robot!
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