Exercising on autopilot
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What are some fun cardio workouts I can do while watching TV?

I love exercising but it is too cold right now and I am too lazy to leave the house sometimes! What are some dance/aerobic workouts I can do while watching TV which I can learn and do on autopilot? Preferably ones that will get me to break a sweat without making a lot of noise? Are there any cool dances/kickboxing moves I could learn that I could just keep doing while watching TV?

Also NO strength training suggestions please, have no desire at all to get any stronger than I now and find moves where only one muscle group is being exercised exceedingly unpleasant and not as gratifying as ones where I am jumping around using my whole body.

Thanks! :)
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Is getting a treadmill or exercise bike or elliptical machine a possibility?
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Jump rope, that's my low-tech way of exerflixing. It's quieter than a machine too so I don't have to turn the tv up loud to hear it.
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Step box? You can make up or learn routines that involve your arms and weights.

Be aware, it's not for the clumsy.
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You really want an exercise bike/elliptical/treadmill. They're great when you don't have to leave the house to use them, and you can watch tv so easily on them. Elliptical would likely be the "full body" experience you're looking for more so than the bike.
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You could also use those exercise machines to power the television.
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I use a mini trampoline. It gets the job done.
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You can get pretty cheap folding exercise bikes on Amazon. They're not great but for $150 they give you enough workout.
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I'm guessing that jumping rope and large machines may not be compatible with your TV-viewing space. It seems that someone probably has already devised the workout that you seek, and I'm surprised we haven't yet seen the answer from an in-the-know Mefite!

I'd suggest creating one yourself and writing a list on a mini wite-board next to your TV screen:
High-knee march in place
Jumping Jacks
Jog in place
and the like.

And acquire a set of those soft wraparound wrist and ankle weights. Perhaps do all of this wearing a heartrate monitor to get a sense of just what is necessary to keep your rate up.
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Another vote for a mini-trampoline! Small, portable, quieter than you'd expect, and very fun in front of the TV, especially with comedies and dramadies.
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I would invent the crazy dance game, where you have to dance around according to the music/dialogues/moods on TV. Nothing better for cardio than dance, PLUS artistic creativity FTW.
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