I need pants to fit a curvy, no-butted snowflake!
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I'm on the hunt for pants that fit. I have skiers' thunder thighs, love handles that are slightly larger than my hips and no butt. I'm on the lookout for skinny jeans in dark, unadorned washes, for under $100. The closest fit I've found is Target's fit 3, but it aint great. Suggestions? More hip-shaped snowflake details inside...

I don't like really skinny tight jeans. Something just slimmer than a straight leg pant is ideal. Fit 4 at Target fits pretty well, although it's a bit baggy around the crotch, and a bit tight in the thighs. Their #4 fit fits really well in the thighs, but is WAY baggy around the hips. Overall, Target's skinnies are too tight for my tastes.

I'm usually a size 12-14, depending on the brand.

I'm looking for pants that don't look out of place with a blazer and button down or with hiking boots and flannel. Ideally, well under $100. A $40 pair of pants is pretty much as spendy as I can responsibly get. However, if something is perfect and promises to last a long time, I'm interested.

MY QUESTION: Any buttless ladies out there who know of excellent brands to try out, or of stores with excellent return policies?
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Response by poster: Edit: Fit #3 fits really well in the thighs...
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Maybe look at eddiebauer.com. They have slightly curvy skinny jeans. I have their slightly curvy boot cuts and they are forgiving to my similar lack of backside.
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I was going to suggest Eddie Bauer Straight fit. I'm similarly shaped and they fit me great. You might have to go up a size from your normal one but try them and see.
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Levi's 'Curve' series has 3 different cuts in each size... I LOVE my bold curve straight leg jeans!
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Best answer: I have no butt and respectable thighs and a short waist and I've had good results with Levi's midrise skinny jeans. They're slim fit but don't look like tights and are easy to get your feet in and out of. You'd need a belt (I also don't have much of a waist) but they're comfy and decently priced.
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I'm similarly built and the BDG high-rise cigarette jeans from Urban Outfitters are the best-fitting jeans I've ever owned. They're not super-tight on my legs, either. The sizing isn't always consistent, and I only buy them on markdown because they're really not built to last, but the fit is amazing enough that I recommend them anyway.
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Old Navy Rockstar jeans. I am iffy about Old Navy's business practices/manufacturing practices, but I have yet to find cheap jeans that fit me better.
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I second the Old Navy jeans!
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