Short, stick in your head word or phrase for an vintage Etsy shop?
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I'm opening an etsy shop to sell vintage stuff I've collected and weird stuff I hope to find along the way. Names I liked like VintMint or Junk and Disorderly (which would have been great for a dwi: def worth it section) are taken. Any ideas happily appreciated.

Stuff I am starting with include records, jewelry, 70s stuff, and maybe some mid-century pottery, which people helped me solve the mystery of here. Maybe also things like slide rules and vintage clothes.
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Old & In The Way (since you're including records).
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Once and always
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If you've curated it personally, you could emphasise that element. E.g.:

Items of Distinction, or Items of Distinction and Curiosity?
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Katinka Katunka Junka


Lookatis Stuff

Humble Jumble


Patti's Wax & Knick Knacks
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Vintage Cool
Cool, Calm and Collected
Cool School
Cool Hunter
Metro Retro
Cool Merchant/Merchant of Cool
The Tip Top Shop
The Hippodrome
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Shot Down in Ecuador, Junior.
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Vintagel - better if you're skewing Celtic/New-Agey/Arthurian or similar as resembles Vintangel at a glance
(Life's) Simple Treasures
Old's Cool - might have to tweak spelling

Bit more clothing-focussed:
Nuts For Rags - which isn't even a pun, just an expression I love
Some combination of (Shirts/Skirts) And (Rescue/Refuse)

If you prefer naked marketing to terrible punning then both What I Want and What You Want look available.
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I like your user handle here:

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Delight of Other Days.
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Junk in My Trunk
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Piece, Love, and Happiness
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I am going to sort through all of these this weekend and get it going.
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Katinka's Vintage or Retro Katinka.
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