What should we do in San Juan for New Year's Eve?
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We're going to Puerto Rico for a week after Christmas. We have hostel-type places booked in Vieques and Old San Juan for the first part of our trip, but we don't have plans for the 31st and 1st yet. What is the most awesome thing to do in San Juan on New Year's Eve?

- My husband and I are in our late twenties, but we are not huge partiers. For NYE we usually go to a friend's house, have a few beers, play a board game, and come home at 1:30. So we are not really looking for nightclubs or whatever, and we are not going to be out until 4 a.m. But surely there is great stuff to do in the hours preceding (and immediately following) midnight!

- We've heard that sometimes the big hotels on Condado will have parties for hotel guests and assorted hangers-on. Which hotels do this, and what's the deal exactly? Would this be fun?

- Money is some object, but not that much; the rest of our stay will be pretty cheap, so we are happy to splurge on a hotel (or a restaurant or whatever) for the last two nights of our trip.

- Also, while you're here, what is an amazing can't-miss thing to do in PR? We are definitely going to Vieques and El Yunque, as well as hanging out in San Juan. We will have a rental car for at least some of the days.
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Honestly, I would just wander around and watch people!

On well-lit streets, of course. There will probably be a Catholic-style parade on either the 31st or the 1st. Just go outside and listen for trumpets and clapping.

If you don't have a car, and want to ring in the new year at midnight, go to Taberna Lupulo. It will be full of locals, possibly spilling out into the streets. But - no need to stick around to get wasted until 4 am. Just get a delicious craft beer or two, give each other a kiss, and go walk around. In well-lit areas.

For the sleeping, there are plenty of inexpensive places on Airbnb. It would be fun to spend the night in one of those really neat old buildings.

For the eating, get your coffee at Caficultura. Have a meal at St. Germain. (They have weird hours, so I'd check in.) Oh, and holy crap, pizza from Pirilo.

If you do have a car, or don't mind cabbing both ways, spend a little time over in Santurce. Abracadabra Counter Cafe has killer brunch and live music a lot of nights.

There's also La Placita, which is a great place to go for either day or night. It's a traditional little town square market by day, and then transforms into a kind of gonzo dance party by night. Again, no need to join in, but you can grab an outdoor table and watch. It's gotten a little more touristy lately, but it's still some great people watching.

If you're into contemporary art/design/film, try La Repuesta or GalerĂ­a Petrus, also in Santurce. I don't know if they're doing anything specific, but it's worth checking out.

(Sidenote: in PR, I rarely trust the internet and generally do some calling around to get actual people.)

Anyway, have fun! And MeMail me if you have any questions.
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