Help me find the name of this poem!
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I woke up this morning thinking about a poem that I really liked in high school about a close friendship between two boys. I remember bits of it, but not enough for Google to help to identify the poem! Details inside.

The poem that I am thinking about was a two verse poem about a friendship between two boys, one of them who was gay (I think).

The first verse talks about a sleepover they had had as kids, and how one of the boys really wanted to hold the other, and how, retrospectively, he didn't think the other would have minded.

The second verse is several years later, both boys are about to go to prom and one of their mothers is posing them for a photo. They both have girlfriends now who are standing on either side of them, and the mother keeps on urging the boys to stand closer together. I think the last line of the poem may be, "Closer, no, no, closer" or something like that.

I know I read a compilation of this poet's poetry and quite a lot of the poems are about being gay, and coming out.

Any help would be much appreciated-- this is driving me crazy!
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Best answer: A google gives Talking in the Dalk by Billy Merrel as a candidate.
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Response by poster: Yes, this is it! Clearly a more competent googler than me. Thank you!
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