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I run a program that directs people with HIV and at risk for HIV infection to research they might qualify for. We are co-sponsoring an event for providers in the HIV field. We would like to hand out swag mugs, but we have no idea what to say in such a small space.

People who participate in research love our program because our program calls them every time they qualify for a study. They fill out a short questionnaire when they sign up and then as new studies are approved, we let them know what studies they may be eligible for.

We have found that volunteers trust their providers when they give them information about research (there are studies). Therefore, we want providers (doctors, nurses, case managers, treatment advocates) to know about our program. One of the big pieces we try to get across is that without research volunteers, we would have none of the HIV treatments available today, and without research volunteers, we cannot find a cure.

We have a mug. We have a logo. We have NO IDEA what the other side of the mug should say that will make providers remember to refer people to us. The shorter the better.

Keywords are: research, health, healthy, future, HIV, knowledge, studies, volunteer.

Help me MeFi, you're my last hope. We're good at research, but not so much with catchy slogans.
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Maybe something like: "Your research. Our clients. One cure."
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What's the program name? And exactly how much space do you have? How many colors of ink?
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Best answer: Working together toward a healthy future for HIV volunteers.
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Best answer: How about a a slogan and the website address below- assuming you have a website to fill out the questionnaire? If not, the phone number for contacting the program.

"Research for an HIV-free future"
"Studies for a healthy future"
"Volunteer for an HIV-free future"
"Help research a healthy future"
"Knowledge will help us find a cure"
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Best answer: If you want something a bit more stark and less corporate-languagey --

No research volunteers = no new HIV treatments.

A cure for millions must be taken first by one research volunteer.

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Best answer: Research volunteers make healthy futures possible
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Another option would be a website to refer them to. Either your regular or a vanity URL landing page like
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Do you have a mission statement/official statement of purpose? You could boil a few choice phrases down from that.
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Best answer: The best "calls to action" are about your customers (or referrers, in this case), not about your product. Whatever you put there should answer the question, "How do we benefit health care providers?"

Health care providers generally want the best outcomes for their patients, and they often feel overwhelmed by keeping up with new studies and research. You're helping with both those issues.

I'm not great at short copy, but maybe something along the lines of:

* Connect patients to the latest HIV trials. [URL and/or phone]

* Connecting your patients to cutting-edge HIV research [URL and/or phone]

* Expand your reach. Ongoing HIV clinical trials, with one simple registration. [URL and/or phone]

* Together we can conquer HIV. [URL and/or phone]

Basically, don't look at it as trying to find a way of telling them to help you. Tell them how you're going to help them.
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Best answer: "I'm making the future possible."
"I'll still have this mug when we find the cure."
"Research. Feedback. KNOWLEDGE."
"Research. Feedback. PROGRESS Toward the Cure."
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"A mug for the future: Coffee or Tea, but no HIV."
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Wake up to new research or Wake up to where the research is

The 'wake up' formulation opens lots of options. The mug is a coffee mug. People tend to have their first cup in the morning to wake up. You can use 'wake up' in the sense of 'wake up! There's cool research' or wake up in the sense of 'brand new day full of hope.'

Alternatively, a more combative message might be a play on the word 'mug' using the British slang definition (mug = fool). E.g

Don't be a mug: find new research quickly

Or you could use 'mug' like:

Don't be mugged by HIV: find new clinical trials to help your patients.
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Response by poster: A lot of these are really good!!! I'm going to take a few of them to our staff and I'll let you all know what the favorite is!
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Response by poster: Alright! The final answer is:

A cure for millions begins with a single research volunteer.

Thanks to cairdeas for coming up with the seed of that copy and just so you know, cecic, your Research volunteers make healthy futures possible came in a VERY close second.

Thank you all!
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