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Will the government shutdown affect a military dity move for ETS?

I'm a retired military spouse and my daughter is presently getting a divorce from a GI that just ETS'd. I'm here with her now to help her move, but the dity check is late. The hostility of her husband is making it difficult to find out anything on why the check is late. We have copies of the paperwork and it says it will be sent to their home and he has already left to his home of record.

So! Does anyone know about this? Does anyone have any advice on how to find out or to speed it along?

If it matters, we're at Ft. Bragg and she DOES still have a POA.

Many TIA!
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Talk to Legal Assistance; they're on low-manning due to the furlough, but they can probably at least point you in the right direction. If the divorce isn't final, she doesn't need to go through him.
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Response by poster: @Etrigan: Wow. Really? This is great news. No, they have not even started divorce proceedings. We'll do that when we get back home. My soon-to-be-ex-sil is more than a little on the lazy side and is sometimes vindictive, so I don't trust his word on getting anything done.

So thankful for your response! :)
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She's still a military spouse, and much of that sort of infrastructure is set up for them -- especially if she has a POA, she'll be able to do anything she needs to as though she were him (without the saluting). The intent is that soldiers at Bragg are frequently away from home and need to have their spouses take care of stuff on their behalf; this is essentially the same thing, so don't let anyone tell her she can't.
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My husband is on orders right now and isn't receiving some special pays, so the DITY checks may very well be affected as well. If they are sending them out she can check the status here, or call the FRG coordinator and ask them for some help. I hope you guys can get everything straightened out, best of luck!
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