Old animated movie with a baby dragon?
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We're trying to place an oldish (probably 90s or pre-90s) animated movie with a baby dragon in it. It's definitely fully animated, and takes place in a castle, where the main character has to raise a baby dragon. At some point, the dragon runs away, and the main character packs a bag with toys and blocks and goes after it. That's as much as we can muster! Any idea?

It's not any of the movies or shows listed here, by the way, which covers a lot of the usual suspects.
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Did the baby dragon hatch out of an egg in front of the person who then has to take care of it? I swear I've seen this!
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This is the Dutch movie: "Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel", with baby dragon Zwelgje. You might have seen the US version of it "The dragon that wasn't", where the dragon is called Dexter. IMDB. Wikipedia.
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