Classics library ebook Kindle?
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Somewhere out there is an ebook that allows a Kindle user to download free classics. When you open the book, it connects to a library with tons of free ebooks, and you can download them, bypassing the Kindle store altogether. I saw this on Metafilter a few months ago (and FPP or comment) but can't remember the name.
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Best answer: I think this project, which subsequently made it to the blue, may be what you're remembering.
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Response by poster: The Magic Catalog! That's it, thanks mumkin.
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Mod note: Hey OP, it looks like you found your answer, but for future reference, questions about Metafilter (including trying to find past links posted on Metafilter) need to go to Metatalk.
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Response by poster: roger that taz
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If the goal is just to bypass the amazon store, you can use the browser to go straight to Project Gutenberg and download them directly from there, I do this all the time.
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See also The Book Depository for nicely formatted PDFs of public domain classics.
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