I dou't kuow what this is abont
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There are 2 people on my Facebook feed who will consistently mix up the letter "n" with the letter "u" such that "cousin" looks like "consin" and "don't" looks like "dout". I was wondering if anyone else has noticed people doing this, is this was a common thing in Northern Ireland (where both are from, but they were not raised together) or some weird idiosyncrasy? My pattern-seeking brain is seeking relief.

I'm not sure what other information will be helpful.

I don't think it's something they're doing on purpose. They're both more like the "work hard play hard" types than "play strange spelling games on Facebook that only one person probably notices" type.
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Here is some "information" about the word consin.
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Could it be autocorrect? Mine often puts "donut" where I mean it to say "don't".
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@dawkins_7: I doubt it's autocorrect, since the misspellings are not correct.
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My son a computer that would type a "c" for a "t" and a "t" for a "c". Finally discovered That him had the wrong country selected for the keyboard. Could that be what is going on?
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Maybe this already occurred to you, but you didn't mention it in the question so: 'u' looks like 'n' upside down, so maybe this is a way of playing with the presentation of their text, the way some people use characters from other languages to write English words in a "cool" font? Or writing things LiKe tHiS?
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Response by poster: I did notice that and found it intriguing, but the fact that two people are both doing this one specific thing, even though they don't do any other type of text manipulation like that. If I felt like it was possible they were doing it on purpose I'd just ask, but I feel like if I do ask they will probably have no idea what I'm talking about and then they'll feel self-conscious or something. Plus we don't talk directly that often so I'll just be coming out of the blue to ask a weird question about their weird spelling habits.
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How old are these people?
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Response by poster: One is 26, one is 40-something.
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Are you sure they're really two different people?
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When touch typing those keys are both struck with the right forefinger.
I don't have problems with u/n necessarily, but often use the correct finger to strike an incorrect key. It could be something like that.
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Do you know the input method? I have had writing in script or writing carelessley with a stylus cause such errors.
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Could it be dyslexia? It's common for dyslexics to reverse letters - d/b and q/p and sometimes also m/w - perhaps the same thing is going on with n/u?
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Just dropping in to say that while I don't know the reason for the n/u thing, I'm from NI and its nothing to do with that as far as I know as I've never seen it or heard of it before.
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> @dawkins_7: I doubt it's autocorrect, since the misspellings are not correct

But if you've ever overridden autocorrect, it might store that word as a "real" word. At least that's what I've noticed on my phone.
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Seconding billiebee. I'm from NI and I've never come across that on FB.
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Response by poster: I'm going to go with some specimen of dyslexia. I appreciate your calming words, everyone.
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