An older version of Gone Daddy Gone?
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My wife is obsessed with finding a song she remembers that uses the starting riff from Gone Daddy Gone.

She's sure that it's not the original from the Violent Femmes or the cover by Gnarls Barkley.

Is there any other song that uses this? For reference, I'm talking about the bit played on the xylophone in the first 15 seconds of the linked video. She thinks it's a song from the 70s.
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I feel like it's some 70s or 80s TV show theme song, but I can't pin it down.
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Gone Daddy Gone samples a Muddy Waters Song, maybe that's it? Edited to correct song title. It's called Just Make Love To Me.
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It's kind of the harmony to Steppin' Stone.
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"Did You See Me?" by The Busboys has a similar feel to the riff, but different notes.
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Maybe "Moonlight Feels Right" by Starbuck? There's a xylophone solo in the middle of the song that I used to think of whenever I heard "Gone Daddy Gone."
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The chords for "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" (1966) by The Monkees are very similar to those of "Gone Daddy Gone". If you listen to, say, the Sex Pistols version of Steppin' Stone (1980) it becomes clearer.

For me, if you listen to the Violent Femmes version you can nearly break into "I..I..I..I..I'm not your steppin' stone" without skipping a beat.
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Gone Daddy Gone has that, sort of, "nanny nanny boo boo" feel and so does The Waitresses' I Know What Boys Like.
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FWIW, that xylophone riff always sounded somewhat macabre, and made me think of some sort of scary cartoon, related to skeletons and playing the ribcage like a xylophone, but I can't come up with anything exact.
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Could it be "Gamma Ray" by Beck?
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Thanks for the ideas, everyone. She's listened through all the suggestions, but is adamant that it is something else. The hunt continues.
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