Help me find the perfect place to escape for a couple days!
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I have a few days off following the holiday crazies and I'm planning a mini road-trip to escape for these few days to unwind, hide from life and work on some personal projects. I really don't care where I go, but I'm looking for 4 things: an awesome private jacuzzi tub, a solid internet connection, and a walkable location -- all within 6 hours drive of Vancouver.

I'm thinking a hotel or B&B is what I'm looking for, as I haven't seen many jacuzzis on AirBnB. Bonus points if the daily rate is reasonable and the jacuzzi is in the living/bedroom (instead of the bathroom). I'd also really like to be able to walk the neighbourhood for restaurants and the like, but I will have my car so it's not a deal breaker.

I'm open to driving just about anywhere within 6-ish hours of Vancouver (as long as it's a safe area obviously - i'll be travelling as a single woman). That means the Okanagan, Washington state, NW Oregon, Vancouver Island and anywhere else I haven't thought of are all fair game. The good internet connection is absolutely vital however, and doubly important if I'm in the states where I can't tether my phone. (Worst case I guess I could pop a Straghttalk or other prepaid SIM in or something...?). Wired is fine (even preferred?); I have a travel router.

Trying to search for hotel amenities is a nightmare when you don't know your location, so I thought I'd query the hive mind for suggestions. Any specific hotel recommendations? Alternatively, any ideas how to find a such a magical place?

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I don't know what your budget is, but if you're looking for a magical, secluded place, Hollyhock on Cortes Island is pretty amazing. There aren't really many restaurants in the community, but food is included with the room (which is why they're a bit pricey), and is amazing.

The hot tub is shared, but looks right over the water and I seem to think that there are actually two of them. There are also massage therapists on site if you want an extra treat.

It really is isolated, but is absolutely gorgeous and is definitely an escape. If you do book, you'll want to highlight your need for a good signal - when I was there 2 years ago, wifi was better in some of the buildings than others. There's also a main building (which includes the kitchen and 24hr snack bar) which is pleasant to work in which does have a very good signal.
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What about Victoria? Tons of cute B&Bs and quaint areas. Accessible via the breathtakingly scenic Schwartz Bay ferry (as well as other ferries, I'm sure).
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Chico Hot Springs in Montana would fit the bill, other than being over 6 hours away. But it'd be a quick flight into Bozeman and a 1.5 hour drive.
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Lincoln city Oregon is maybe too far, but the 'on the beachfront' boutique hotels have excellent hot tubs with views.
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Try the San Juan islands. We just got back and it was awesome. We stayed on Orcas Island and there were restaurants, hotels and neat shopping. And a very cute bakery with great muffins.

We did not make it to San Juan island proper but it is the biggest of the islands and would have similar things.

We could see Vancouver from the top of Mount Constitution. I think it was only about 75 miles from the city to the ferry.

It was perfect. Relaxing but sophisticated with great views and freindly people.
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