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Has anyone ever tried one of the USB plug-in things sold as "soundcards"? Last night's lightning storm ate my motherboard sound ports and I have no alternative.

My motherboard has all of 2 card slots. One is in use for an add-in SATA controller that I can't spare. A previous lightning storm got my onboard network port, so I had to evict the Audigy 2 soundcard that was in the other slot to make room for an add-in NIC and fall back on the cheapie motherboard sound ports which are now history.

I still have USB ports in gracious plenty. I can see that just the mechanical stress of even a tiny-plug cable hanging off a USB sound dongle may be a problem. I'll deal with that with string and bubblegum or duct tape or something.


PS what on earth am I going to do about things like this when my PC is a tablet or a phone? Sorry, never mind...
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USB network adapters are cheap and plentiful if you want to go that route.

(also, man, invest in some power protection)
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I've been using one of those $5 USB thingies on my radio computer; works great. It's not able to drive too large a load, though.

(Yeah, I'm driving an $1000 radio through a $300 switchbox with a $5 soundcard; I know. Works great, though!)
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I've used the basic equivalent of a cheap "USB console" from Behringer ($50 or so). Worked fine, no real distinction in quality to my (admittedly made of tin) ears. You could use a female to male USB port to alleviate mechanical concerns, or use one of the USB port of your case, or even a PCI bracket with a USB connector on it connected to one of the USB headers of your motherboard, if you have a free PCI bracket.
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USB DACs are pretty mature tech. I'd go for something like this Turtle Beach which is less of a pure dongle, or if you're willing to spend a bit more, the Head-Fi people discuss options here. Better perhaps to go cheap and spend on a surge protector.
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I use a USB speaker on my Macbook, and it works great.
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I've had this Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface for years. Sounds great through my NAD integrated amp and Paradigm speakers. Somewhat more full-featured than the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage, it has RCA input & output connectors; it's used a lot by people doing basic home studio recording.
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Have a Turtle Beach USB soundcard which not only works, but works way better than my (very old) laptop's onboard, which stutters and clearly doesn't have the same kind of processing power.
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Sound Blaster used to make (maybe still makes?) a USB version of the Audigy called the Extigy, if for some reason you really want a 1:1 replacement. Today's USB sound cards are IMO even better, and if you don't need studio shit like phantom power for your compressor mic or whatevs, you can snag one for less than $50.
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btw def do not buy an Extigy. I just looked up some reviews and wow was it worse than I remembered.

I have an M-Audio MobilePre which is quite excellent, but completely overkill if you aren't doing any recording. Names I'd more or less trust would be Tascam, Behringer, M-Audio, and Presonus (in roughly ascending order of trust), but really anything well-reviewed on Musician's Friend should be a solid replacement.
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I've been using one of these to drive my headphones and speakers. I'm happy with the sound.
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In addition to your sound solution, I think you should buy a decent UPS to help with your lightning problem. Personally, I don't use wired networking except for very temporary hookups after loosing a machine and a router and a cable modem to a lightning strike.
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