Fugazi - mouse shoes - Andy's room
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In my late middle school/early high school years (2002-5?) I read a short story in a teen magazine that blew my mind. I think it was called "In Andy's Room," and the narrator and her crush, Andy, talked about the band Fugazi. She fretted about her flats that were pointy, like mice, and at the end of the story she sat in a tree outside Andy's room, thinking about him. Help me find this story!

I tore the story out of the magazine (YM? Seventeen? surprisingly deep for a usually vapid publication) and had it saved for a very long time, but don't have it anymore. I recently thought about it and I'd like to reread it. I don't remember anything about the author. MeFites, my Google Fu has failed me - please help me find this story!
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Could it have been from Sassy Magazine? They would have catered to an audience who listened to Fugazi.

Or could it have been a short story by Kevin Canty? He is the brother of Fugazi's Brendan Canty, and an acclaimed author.
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