Waterproof Kitchen Cabinetry?
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We have standard-issue Maple kitchen cabinets from 2008 construction. The kids had fun with our sink's spray and now we have several darker spots in the panel nearest the faucet. There are about twenty-five spots and all are smaller than a dime. They gave off no smell until I tried to rub them out with a little bleach water. Since then it has gradually increased so that now our kitchen smells like a home I helped clean out after a flood. Their appearance has not changed since we discovered them three weeks ago.

Is a stain or sealer needed to wipe these out? I've read the links from other MeFi posts about mold and wonder if a shot of hydrogen peroxide and/or Borax might suffice. We're ignorant about these things and don't want to do any more damage.
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You can get a mold remediation kit from Home Depot. Just follow the directions.
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This sounds really odd. How much water did the kids throw around there? Did this panel somehow stay wet for a long period of time, or did water get in behind it? Could you post a photo or two?
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I agree with jon1270,; I would expect water just to dry out on a cabinet panel. Are you sure that water did not collect inside the cabinet, or that you do not have a water leak inside the cabinet?
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Yeah, per jon1270 above - and not doubting your observations - this seems odd. And curious.

Something to understand is that though cabinets may be sold as 'Maple' they are not necessarily made of maple. Maple has become a marketing term used to describe the appearance of the wood grain or veneer rather than the composition. It's the same with oak and walnut and almost every other "name" wood. Maple plywood sells for $17.65 a foot here.

I did more than a bit of gutting and rebuilding after Katrina and have about a decade of remodeling.
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Yeah that's gotta be veneer, and if the spots aren't
disappearing after weeks it wasn't water. Sounds more like oil, bleach won't take care of that.

Pics would be nice.
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My sister says to use Murphy's oil soap if they're solid wood. That's what she uses on water spots for dark cherry kitchen cabinets.
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