Non-profit career help in Britain?
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Last October, I started a charity that since April I have won some good grants, grown over the last three months from 10 to 54 clients. Well enough, I am happy to continue working on it as a volunteer and board member. But, it doesn't need full-time employees. I have got some consulting work beginning in November. I would like to find a full-time job. Explaining "I did this, it is going well, now I need some money" is difficult. I am trying to find a non-profit or NGO career consultant in England or the EU to help sort this all out. Can you help?
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Best answer: "Since its launch, I'm proud to say that my organization has become self-sustaining and I am fortunate enough to now have the opportunity to put my time and energy towards other ventures."
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Best answer: Doesn't seem difficult to me at all. Only in the nonprofit world would a person feel bad about trying to find a job that actually pays money. Any employer who doesn't understand why a person needs to make a living is not an employer you should be working for, IMHO.
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Best answer: I agree with the answer above,"I did this, it is going well, now I need some money" is a absolutely reasonable reason. I've worked for nonprofits my entire career and I've heard that reason used dozens and dozens of times. Heck, I've said that myself in an interview. Trust me, any professional (as opposed to eager volunteer or student) won't blink an eye when you say that.
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