DVD-RAM OSX problem
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I can't access photos that are on a 5.2Gb DVD-RAM disc. I had burned them on using OS9 (I believe) and am now using OSX 10.4. I am using a G4 (AGP graphics) and it just doesn't recognize the disc. It does however recognize a 2.6 single-sided disc. Any help?
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Are you still using the same DVD-RAM drive? My experience is that reading DVD-RAM in a DVD-ROM drive other than one made by Matsushita can be hit-or-miss.
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Response by poster: Yes. Same drive. It has been a couple of years since I tried to access these photos.
posted by cjb10350 at 6:08 AM on October 3, 2005

IsItPluggedInFilter: Have you tried turning the disc upside-down? IIRC, those discs are manual double-sided. Also, is it in the DVD-RAM caddy?
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Response by poster: Yes, in the caddy. And I have flipped to try and read each side. It just clicks for a while - sometimes I get an error message that it can't be read - sometimes it just keeps clicking til I reboot.
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Response by poster: Got through to Apple. Evidently I will need a new DVD Drive. This one is too old (2000) and the software that is used to burn to a double-sided DVD is different than the software that is used to read. Oh well... maybe I should just get a new G5.
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