Chicken in a Bizet?`
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I just woke up from a nap, and the song in my head is a chicken singing (byuck-ing) the Habanera aria from Carmen. I could have sworn this appeared in a cartoon or movie or commercial, but can't find anything on YouTube or Google. Sounds like it could have been the Muppets? Please help me find it so that I may feel a little more sane.
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Carmen "Habanera" - Muppet Style (Sorry, chef's "bork" is a bit like a 'bok' though.)
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I have this same memory! I think it was back in the early early Disney days when there was a whole barnyard of animals. I have a distinct memory of a chicken in a fancy blue bonnet singing this all operatically. I'm going to see if I can find it!

YouTube is blocked, but I'm pretty sure this is what I was remembering. Is it Carmen she's singing?
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Unfortunately, chatongriffes, she's singing something else. I thought of her, too, and watched the clip.
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Possibly related: The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody. Features chickens. Obviously not the same song, but maybe you've got a bit of both going on in your head?
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Do you watch the Soup? They had a clip about 6-12 months ago that featured a random bumper of chicken clucking music from one of the teenage melodramas, iirc.
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On the off chance you went to high school with me, I've been clucking popular arias since circa 1996, at which time I did also have a bit of fixation on the Muppets. Although I was primarily rockin' La Donna e Mobile, Carmen also made it into the mix sometimes. Also, I've never stopped clucking around with opera. So, no, you're not crazy, in that this is a thing that does happen. I think someone may have recorded me clucking it outside the Cobra Lounge sometime in 2009, even.
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I'm not sure if she's sung Carmen, but the stratospherically-talented Orriel Smith has made entire albums of operatic clucking. No, really. Here's her Queen of the Night Aria.
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It's from Little Bear, I think! there's an episode where the chicken clucks it, on stage.

I can't double-check, but it appears to be in here somewhere:
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Don't know of any chickens, but here's a great orange singing Carmen! (here)
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Scruss o'my heart, that is fantastic.
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Because I am ridiculous, I did watch that episode of Little Bear to see, and kpht is right! Hen (Diva Hen!) sings it at about minute 14. It's available on Amazon Prime streaming, if you wanna watch it!
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I thought it might be this, but there's only one chicken.
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chatongriffes: No, she is clucking "Il Bacio" by Luigi Arditi. Here's a modern and straightforward version of the song, as performed by Anna Netrebko. [YouTube]
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I have the same memory, juniper. I had assumed it was the Muppets' Camilla or Disney's Clara Cluck, but haven't found anything, either. I know I'm not remembering Little Bear, because I hadn't heard of it until just now. Of course, I've clucked it myself so many times it's bound to muddy the waters of memory.

It may have been one of those short Muppet Show sketches that never made it to youtube (anyone with the DVD's know?), or a passing moment in a lesser-known Disney short with Mme Cluck.

You know, that whole opera really lends itself to the clucking motif (Auf H├╝hnerstimme?) The Toreador's song, the Seguidilla, the whole nine yards. Musicians of Mefi, let's get that Kickstarter going for the all-poultry production of Carmen!
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