Probem synching Outlook, Gmail, Windows 8
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Probem synching Outlook, Gmail, Windows 8 hey all, I'm having trouble synching Gmail with Outlook 2007 on Windows 8. It may be because Windows 8 has a mini Outlook app that syncs with Gmail already. I have connected the Gmail account with Outlook, and it is sending and receiving, but strangely about 50% of the messages that go to Gmail online don't go to Outlook, so I'm at only a 50% sync rate. This is quite strange - does anyone know how this may be?
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One thing to check would be rebuilding the profile for the Outlook account. I resolved a syncing problem between Outlook 2011, an iPhone and an iPad this way. The reference for such is here:

Obviously, these are not instructions for Outlook 2007, so the problem may need further research.
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