Seeking: Someone to talk to in NYC
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I'm searching for a therapist in Astoria, NYC (close to the N/Q line in Queens) or somewhere easily/quickly accessible from there (also close to the N/Q line, but I'm not going to Brooklyn). I have insurance (Blue Cross). I'd love to get in soon.

I've done a little CBT and Mindfulness-based therapy before so something along those lines would be swell. But ultimately I just want someone to talk to a few times a month in a no-judgement/safe/private/etc environment, regardless of the specific method.

I've looked at the Psychology Today site and other portals like that but find it hard to narrow down the choices, and would love some more personal recommendations. (I also hate making phone calls, and I'm much more likely to do it based on a meaningful suggestion.)

If it helps, I'm basically dealing with a lot of anxiety, vague maybe-not-quite depression, and a whole lotta' stress.

If you have suggestions you'd like to keep private, I'm happy to MeMail you.

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Unfortunately, finding a therapist is really delicate endeavor - sometimes you click with them, sometimes it's not a great fit. A personal recommendation can be useful, however, everyone is different and someone your friend loved might be meh fit for you. I'd recommend calling an institute [Washington Square, Blanton Peale (where I'm interning, full disclosure), Institute for Behavior Therapy] where many therapists work together. You'll go in for an intake session with a therapist who a) knows all the therapists working with him/her, b) will have a good sense of what kind of issues you need to have addressed and c) understand how your personality/issues might mesh with the variety of therapists he knows. You'll spend an hour talking about why you're seeking therapy, what you want out of it and so forth. Then the intake therapist write out a bio, complete with all your info and needs and issues, and send it in for a weekly round table session with all therapists present. Therapists who specialize in anxiety, depression and/or your demographic or whatever else makes you YOU are more likely to claim you than a therapist who specializes in eating disorders or marital conflicts etc.

That set-up s slightly more helpful than just picking someone at random from or going on a personal recommendation just because the intake specialist can act a bit like a matchmaker and they're trained to be on the lookout for telltale signs as well as personality characteristics, but I'm only aware of how Blanton-Peale and Washington Square Institute work. Another place might be different, so be sure to inquire into their process. It's not a science, and can feel as fluid and frustrating as dating sometimes. I wish it were easier than that, alas.

Good on you for getting help.
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Seconding what zoomorphic said - I've had good luck with the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy(not in the location you're seeking; it's in Columbus Circle) but they did a great job matching me up with a therapist after an initial intake session. This is my first time seeking therapy and I got a good one right away. If there is something like that in Queens you might try it. I actually went to ICP after seeing it recommended a few times in previous askmefi questions.
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I took two personal recommendations that definitely were a great fit for my friends and definitely NOT a great fit for that might not be the way to go.

If the location and insurance type is the main concern then I would go back to and send out some emails to the people/places most convenient for you. See who contacts you back and how you feel in the initial phone/email discussion. I did this as well and enjoy the short commute on foot...however, still waiting to see how it pans out in the longer run!
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81-46 188 Street
Jamaica Estates, NY 11423
Ph & Fax: 718 454-3764
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Memail me. My therapists office is right off the n q in Astoria and fantastic
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Memail me if you are open to the grand central area.
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