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I'm looking for an Oct. 1st roommate share in Brooklyn, and so far I'm coming across shockingly few places listed on Craigslist. Is there another list I'm not aware of? I already put word out to my network. Details: -- I've lived in BK for six years (Crown Heights + Park Slope), and have never had trouble finding a place before. --Budget is $1100 and under. --Looking to stay for 6 months or longer --I'm searching under "rooms & shares" AND "sublets & temporary" Thanks!!
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Have you put yourself in the "rooms wanted" section of craigslist? That's where I found my current roommate.
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There's always Queens. University listservs are good for this kind of thing - if you know anyone who can keep an eye out for you. I just unsubscribed from a Pratt listserv - someone was always looking for a roommate there. You might be able to negotiate something with a AirBnB host.
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Are you artsy? Try Listings Project.
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You could take another approach - find someone to team up with and get a two-bedroom yourselves. I was coming up similarly short during an apartment hunt once, and then a friend and I realized that we could team up and found an apartment ourselves within a week.
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I would also recommend taking out a "wanted" ad and re-posting that shit everyday. (Craigslist has limits I know - just change around your listing.) I wasn't looking for a roommate but I found a great unlisted one-bedroom from a landlord who liked to pre-screen his tenants. My ad sounded good I guess. And he was cool with me wanting to go month-to-month instead of signing a lease.

I also would stop looking in the sublets and temporary section. You're limiting yourself to people who want to rent their places for like three months while they are on a cruise. You are only seeing a fraction of what's available. Broaden your search and have a draft email you send to all of them making them aware of your intentions to stay "six months or longer" (and specify what that means). Many places will require leases, but not all. I know because I've had to look for living situations of roughly nine months or less several times in my life. Some places that make you sign a lease let you out of it soon as you find a replacement, or for some you just forfeit a security deposit which might not be that bad. Probably there are places for you, but you've missed them because you're looking at sublets. Look for real, available apartments.
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Response by poster: Quick comment: My friends and brother live in BK. Definitely not considering Queens or other boroughs.

It's just SO weird I haven't been seeing that many listings...
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I have a lead for you - check your MeMail.

It's possible that the pickings are slim because it's not one of the "traditional" apartment hunting times.
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