Pro-science Anti-anti-vaccine Animated Web Video from Australia or NZ?
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I recently saw a great animated piece expressing exasperation (that I share) with the anti-vaccine, pro-feelgood-pseudoscience crowd. It was from Australia or New Zealand (maybe somewhere in the UK?), it rhymed, it was clever and stylized in a way I want to reference to an artist friend. Ringing any bells for anyone, or have the vaccines rotted your brains, too?
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Maybe Tim Minchin's Storm?
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This is not what you are looking for, but enjoy until someone finds the dinner party poem.
Funny ad

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After two days of furiously googling, six minutes on ask mefi solved it. Thanks, pompomtom!
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No problem. Happy to help. Love that piece.

two days... six minutes

BTW, I can beat that.
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