How to sell a Verizon iPad?
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I have an iPad 3 which is both WiFi and cellular compatible on the Verizon network. I would like to sell this device on Craigalist, but I want to make sure that I have removed it from my Verizon account in a way that is appropriate both for me as well as for the person I am selling it to, who I am certain will want to activate it on Verizon.

Thanks for your help.
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You need to restore it in iTunes(leave it at the "set up as new iPad" screen), and then go to the verizon store and get a new sim.

It's LTE, so it takes a sim. Regardless of what anyone says along the lines of "but. Verizon phones don't take sims!"

If they try and charge you for the sim flip shit and be an asshole. They can absolutely give it to you for free/waive the fee. Leave the old sim at home and say you just bought the thing.

The sims can only be registered once and stay tied to the prepaid-ish iPad accounts, which is why you need a new one.
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How to remove the SIM card
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Just to expand on emptythought's comment, Verizon phones that use either phone-only or 3G are CDMA phones, which means no SIM. LTE does take a SIM.

As far as I'm aware, though, you don't need to get the SIM for them, though-- they can go to the Verizon store and open their own account.
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The reason you want a new sim(although you can totally, and absolutely leave that up to them) is that the setup for the cell service on the ipad is handled entirely on the device if you have a new sim. The store just hands you one and you set it up on there. Any time i've sold one i made a point of getting a fresh sim for the person just to avoid "wut it doesn't werk rite" calls later on.(or worse, stupid ebay messages/disputes from mis/uninformed people)

I'm not even sure if they can set it up at the counter for you, the whole thing is really geared towards you picking the plan and punching in all your details right on the ipad. It's not like any sort of cell service you'd get on a phone at all. This is because ipads are very much geared to be set up from nothing to full capability right out of the box with nothing but the wall charger and a credit card.
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In case anyone is still following this, a Verizon rep in a store told me the person who buys the ipad will have to come into the store and get the sim themselves. A Verizon rep in the phone told me that if I remove the sim for 24 hours, it will "reset." So who knows.
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It's compete nonsense that the SIM would reset.
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