Need help identifying this ship docked in Lunenburg on June 2, 2011
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For the longest time, I had thought that I had taken rare photos of the masts of the Bluenose 2 on June 2, 2011 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. But I just read a news article from September 2012 that claimed that the masts had not been in Lunenburg for two years, making this impossible!

So I was hoping the ship spotting community could help solve a truly confounding mystery - what is this ship?

The photo album is located at .
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It definitely looks like the Bluenose - the vine detailing on the prow is a match, and the overall profile is about right. The masts and rigging look like they're pretty beat up, though - perhaps this was taken while they were still taking the old ones down and preparing to replace them?

This government tourism website describes the restoration process as having taken place in the shipyard since 2011. The Bluenose II Facebook page, meanwhile, shows the ship, mast-less, in drydock during the summer of 2012. If you took this in June 2011, therefore, it could have been early in the restoration process, before they hauled her out of the water.
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I found a couple of pictures on Flickr of the same ship, identified as the Bluenose II, taken at the same location in April and May of 2011:
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According to publicly available track data, the Bluenose II was due to arrive in Lunenburg in 2009, with no tracks broadcast since then, so it's a good bet that's what you saw. no longer has an active listing for the Bluenose (presuming that was the same class/type vessesl as II).
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I'm the impatient sort and had posted this question in two places. It looks like it's actually the Theresa E. Connor , and the Flickr photos had also misidentified it as the Bluenose II like I had.
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