Can a vegetarian and a carnivore find food in Newport?
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I'm looking for a nice restaurant that will suit a vegetarian and someone who really, really wants good seafood in Newport, RI. (+ a few other questions!)

I'm going to the Newport area with my boyfriend next week. As you do on vacation, we'd like to enjoy a nice dinner. But I'm having some trouble finding a restaurant that suits all of our needs:

- Must have at least one or two good vegetarian options for him that aren't, like, a salad or a veggie burger. No mushrooms (he is intolerant).

- I would love to try some really fantastic local seafood.

- We'd love it to have a nice view of the water, or at the very least have a nice atmosphere.

- Main dishes around $25/plate (or less! less is good!).

I've looked through the menus of what feels like all the main Newport restaurants, and everything is either too expensive or has one or less mediocre vegetarian dish or its heavy on the mushrooms. Maybe I'm missing something obvious! We're staying in Bristol, so we'd be fine with anything between there/Warren and Newport, too (no Providence, though—we're spending our last day in Providence and don't want to eat a heavy wine-y dinner and then drive back to NYC!).

Also got a few other quick-fire questions:

-We're planning to spend one day in Newport, and were gonna take the 60 bus to Newport, which stops close to our Airbnb rental. We'll have a car, but we'd like to drink and carouse in the evening in Newport and don't want to worry about getting back late at night after drinking. Looks like it's about an hour bus ride. Is it a reliable bus? Is that a terrible idea, or should we just drive?

-I like to try local beer whenever I'm around. Any recommendations for the best RI-local beers? (If there's a brewery around somewhere, that is also very cool.)

-Very broadly, anything in the Bristol/Warren area we shouldn't miss? Awesome cafes, bars, shops ??? We'd like to spend a day or more in the area. We'll have bikes for exploring.
posted by good day merlock to Travel & Transportation around Newport, RI (9 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite Coddington brewpub is in Middletown, just north of Newport. Its decent.
There's also Newport storm microbrewery & distillery which was featured on dirty jobs, but I haven't been.
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I tried looking back at some of the places I used to go--some are there, some are gone, and none seem to advertise significant vegetarian offerings. I don't know how far $25 will get you, but we're coming to the end of the season, I guess. One place you might try is Yesterdays on Washington Square. It's a bit of an institution, though not terribly fancy. I think they have a lot of beers.

After that, why not saunter down Thames Street (rhymes with "shames" and not pronounced like London's river)/America's Cup and get a drink or dessert on water? I've been to the Black Pearl, which is pleasant enough--but there's no shortage of places on the water.
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Persimmon in Bristol would really suit your needs and is great.

If you want a great view of the water, some beer, and some fries, try Quito's, also in Bristol.

Breweries: Revival, Foolproof, and Trinity.
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Lucia has excellent Italian and has a couple of vegetarian items on their menu.

Brick Alley has a couple of vegetarian items in the pizza/pasta category, and their Fisherman's Scrod is very good.

Anthony's Seafood has very very good seafood at very low prices, but the only thing vegetarian I see on their menu is an eggplant parmesan (which might be pretty good, but I dunno). Anthony's is noted for changing their fry oil twice a day. It's a seafood market so you know the fish is fresh.
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Secomding Lucia, I was there years ago but it's super.
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Salvation Cafe in Newport is excellent -- no water view, but there's a firepit and a patio and the food is outstanding.
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Lucia is amazing and definitely has vegetarian options. Ditto with Brick Alley.
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DeWolf Tavern in Bristol or Trafford in Warren (DeWolf has more vegetarian options). Seconding Salvation Cafe in Newport! skip Coddington but there is Tews brewery just down the street for rum! try the Beehive Cafe in Bristol for breakfast or lunch.
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Was going to say Salvation Cafe. Nice range on the menu and truly good food.
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