iOS IMAP app with selective notifications?
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Is there an iOS IMAP app with selective notifications? I'm trying to move away from gmail and also perhaps Ultimate Notifier.

I presently use filters on gmail to apply a "Notify" label to messages from particular recipients. Ultimate Notifier's server checks gmail for messages with that label & sends notifications to their app on my phone.

I can continue to use Ultimate Notifier with a folder in fast and use the included, but I prefer labels to folders (so other mail host recommendations are welcome) and I like the gmail app. I'd also like to avoid giving my email login to U.N.
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Can you just use the "VIP" feature included on the phone? If it's just messages from certain senders (not subject lines, etc.), it should work fine. You can set it up to show you a banner, play an alert, etc. You do need to configure the email account in the included mail app to get this to work, but that doesn't mean you can't use the Gmail app also, and as your primary email interface.
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I found a better way. Using the VIP feature means the email has to show up on the phone to be checked against the VIP list and cause a notification. So, I'd have to turn on polling.

Ultimate Notifier and Boxcar have magic email addresses that cause a push notification to be issued to the app on the phone. (<user> or <user> has forwarding rules, but I didn't want my email messages sent in their entirety to U.N.

It turns out fastmail has "advanced" forwarding that lets you send only a summary, "squeezed" summary, notification only or run a Sieve script so the notification message doesn't even have the sender (default is sender & recipient email addresses).

Another trick that fastmail can do to help behave more like is rewrite your From line in the message header. I have my own domain which forwards to webmail but iOS Mail sets From to the same value as the SMTP username. can change this to the address of your "Personality" with "SMTP force From"
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